Location Monitoring

You can accurately identify your location and significant places nearby.

Point-to-Point Navigation

UTech Maps uses cutting edge technology to provide real-time navigation on campus.

Modern User Interface

An elegant, clean and friendly interface allows users to focus on what matters most.

Always know your way!

UTech Maps facilitates smooth traversal of the University of Technology, Jamaica Papine campus, by providing users with accurate mapping of the campus. Developers are exploring different algorithms to calculate the best pathway to your location. Users can participate by submitting pathway descriptions. The application boasts a wide array of features and is designed to provide an excellent user experience. Start finding your classrooms, events locations, hangout spots and administrative offices with UTech Maps today!

“On my first day of school I found all my classes with ease. I will continue to use this app so that I will never be totally lost on campus.”
Junior Brown, Student